Nurturing IT Professionals for Digital Business Transformation

Be equipped with technical skills to identify emerging technologies and market trends, exploit opportunities to digitally transform an organisation, and develop applications that harmonise with the overall IT infrastructure.

Discover industry & students' perspectives
on Information Systems in SMU

Programme director, Prof. OUH Eng Lieh
Our student, Wei Hao
Industry Perspectives of Digital Transformation

Why SMU School of Computing and Information Systems?

High Graduate Employability

SMU Provost, Professor Timothy Clark said, “In spite of a challenging economic landscape due to the weaker outlook in 2023, we are delighted to observe the continuing high demand for SMU graduates, who have once again achieved notable success in securing employment opportunities. ..."

Source: Graduate Employment Survey 2023


overall employment rate

$ 5,530

mean monthly salary

for Information Systems Graduates


overall employment rate

$ 6,120

mean monthly salary

for Computer Science Graduates

Highly Collaborative Learning Culture

Interact with professors in seminar-style classrooms and engage with peers in out-of-class activities.

Flexible Learning Pathways

Broaden and deepen your knowledge by combining majors based on your interests and strengths. Fast track to complete your bachelors and masters degree within 4.5 years.

World-Class Computer Scientists
& Industry Practitioners

Work with faculty on their innovative research, and learn from professionals with diverse experience.

Experiential Learning & Global Exposure

Apply concepts to real-world projects and be industry-ready graduates with an understanding of global development.