Global Exposure

Strong Global Exposure, Global Citizens

At SMU, we aspire to have 100% of our students embark on at least one global experience before graduating.

Global traction and understanding underpins success in careers in today‘s globally connected environment. To have global exposure from the vantage of a university education is invaluable for international networking and global vision; it also open doors to bigger opportunities. When students approach their global exposure opportunities with an enthusiastic and open mind, the benefits are immense. Academically, gaining a first-hand, real-world perspective of issues learnt in the classroom serves to deepen students’ learning and knowledge application. More importantly, the journey builds independence, empathy, open-mindedness, not to mention soft-skills like communication and teamwork. These attributes not only build character and personal development, but also give students an edge when they are seeking employment and advancement in the competitive workplace.

To make sure no student misses out on this precious global experience, the University is committed to giving global exposure participation an extra push by enhancing support and by providing more (and new) opportunities for students.

As part of this initiative, SMU students have the opportunity to participate in the following global experiences:

Overseas Study Mission

Courses designed specifically to give students real, current insights into industries related to their field of study, through a 13-week seminar style pedagogy, meetings and visits with companies outside of Singapore.

Since Term 1, Year 2011-2012, available overseas study missions include:

Technopreneurship Study Mission (TSM) (IS404/IS405, formerly IS427)

Some of the regions where students have been on TSM includes Silicon Valley, South Korea, & Europe.

These icons are designed by our students! Check out the Facebook page for all the latest news and happenings from the faculty and students themselves on the latest upcoming TSM.

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Silicon Valley

2022-2023, Term 2

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2022-2023, Term 1

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Silicon Valley

2021-22, Term 2

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Australia (Virtual)

2021-22, Term 1

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Indonesia (Virtual)

2020-21, Term 2

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Hong Kong

2018-19, Term 2

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Silicon Valley

2017-18, Term 2

Centre for Global Education and Opportunities

Study Aboard

  • International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP)
  • Short-Term Study Programme (SSP)

Study in SMU

  • International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) @SMU
  • Visting Student Programme (VSP)
  • Global Summer Programme (GSP)

Dato Kho Hui Meng Career Centre (DKHMCC)

Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)

Centre for Social Responsibility (CSR)